How my Dad Taught me the Importance of a Tool Cabinet

A tool cabinet can be a handy thing. I had to learn this the hard way, along with my dad, grandpa, and great-grandpa. It makes it so much easier to work, I wouldn't have believed it had I not tried it for myself. Well actually this is the story of when I was a young girl and my dad tried to imprint upon me the importance of keeping you tools organized.

It all started when I was about twelve and my dad had a complete mess of tools out in his shop. I, even as a little girl, could tell that this was hampering his ability to work on his projects. I didn't know what to do but I was smart enough to do some research to find out. All I found was more and more information and praise for a tool cabinet. I quickly recommended this to my dad but thought that he would dismiss it like all my other ideas.

It turned out I was wrong. Next thing I knew my dad was telling me how exited he was for his new tool cabinet to get there the next day. I was shocked and didn't actually think that it would work as I had suggested it rather jokingly. It showed up the next day just like promised and my dad put it in the shop saying he would move all his tools over to it the next day.

Months went by and we completely forgot about it, until one day my dad found it when we were organizing the shop (again!). I still had my doubts about it but agreed to help him move all of his tools into the tool cabinet. The next day after school I went out there and moved all his tools over in an organized manner. That Saturday I went out to help my dad with his latest project. I was amazed at the results of how much faster I was able to find the tools needed for the project. However, this still did not convince me.

My dad continued sing the praises of these tool cabinets but I didn't quite believe him until now, 15 years later when I have my own shop and do random projects, just like my dad. I had all my tools in a complete mess, when I talked to my dad and HE convinced ME to try a tool cabinet. I conceded and bought one, now I can't imagine not having one. All my tools are organized and neat.

Every time I go out to my shop I think of how I doubted my dad about getting a tool cabinet and my foolishness in doing so. My new favorite activity is going out to my shop and just admiring my cabinet, I pull up a stool and marvel at how I ever got along without one. Just joking! My new favorite activity is to go out there and use my organized tools to help me build my latest wild hare or crazy idea.

As I said, these tool cabinets are can be extremely handy. I learned this the hard way and wrote this to help you from going through the same thing if you are a wood, metal or other fellow builder. My life was changed by getting my tool cabinet and I hope yours will be too.


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